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A loan, (credit) money, (overdraft) account, (credit) loan, (credit) money, borrowing (credit) money, jump to borrowing: loan type, loan amount, term and possibly Category, German, English Where can a loan be taken out? At the moment, however, the existence of the company is at risk because no customer wants to borrow anymore. The customer does not have to take the credit for the more expensive interest rate.

At the moment, however, the company’s existence is in jeopardy because no more clients want to take out loans. The last and only borrower is the taxi driver Lomski, who brings his own team to the ticket office. It is liquid and wants to repay its loan in one fell swoop – but where are the interest rates?

Ottogrünmandl 1999 (picture-alliance / dpa) Otto Grünmandl, 1924-2000 in Hall / Tirol, Austrian actor, cabaret artist, and poet. 70 Austria State award for the radio game “Rochade” (ORF 1966, BR 1967). At the same time, he appears as a cabaret artist – in 1978 Grünmandl received the German. Cabaret price for his solo program “I am not called Oblomov”.

News archiving

News archiving

In comparison, the situation is clear: last year, a 52-year-old man from Astro Finance took out seven loans in the amount of 92,500 dollars from various banks. For this purpose, an interpreter translated the requests from federal judge Ulrich Neef and the prosecutor. The prosecutor stated that the defendant on the sidelines of the indictment on the sidelines of the trial on 6 through February 2017 declared the loan 37,000 cut out.

As of the reporting date in 2017, he had taken out further loans of between $ 6,000 and $ 9,500 at other financial institutions under five. In total, the man took out loans in a total amount of 92,500 dollars without repaying the intention. Rather, he met another older man from Düsseldorf in a restaurant, who indicated that credit agreements could be arranged.

It took for the borrower for a period of two weeks

It took for the borrower for a period of two weeks

Because two of the three daughters are right in front of the wedding, the Neustädter claims to have cost $ 15,000. He wanted to borrow this lot. The 52-year-old does not want to know that when the first loan was taken out, $ 37,000 was applied instead of around $ 150,000 previously. It took for the borrower for a period of two weeks and for a period of two years. He took a lump sum of 1,000 $ each for two weeks.

The remaining. 500 â ‘is said to have gone into the credit mediator’s wallet. Neef read from the file that the 52-year-old had already spoken contradictory statements at this time and, among other things, spoke of a circle of acquaintances from the mosquito, who could be responsible for the forgery. Federal judge Neef and the two jurors have temporarily suspended the trial.

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