Loan financing after returning to work

In some contexts of life it seems difficult to realize your own wishes for home ownership. Single parent, return to work, low income: Banks require collateral and sometimes react reservedly to credit requests. Our ProfitAccess direct consultants are committed to you even in apparently difficult life situations, personally, confidentially and solution-oriented.

There are many reasons why you can lose a supposedly safe job overnight or make a conscious decision to take a longer break, for example to have more time for your own children. Returning to work is often associated with lower wages. Those who want to realize their dream of owning a home in such a situation often despair at their house bank. “Credit? Sorry, that is unfortunately not possible in your current situation!” The answers of many banks are something like this when it comes to financing residential property.


We are committed to you – you can rely on our ProfitAccess direct consultants!

loan financing

Even with low incomes and in difficult life situations, you do not have to do without home ownership. We support your personal wish for your own home in many situations, straightforward and straightforward. Our ProfitAccess consultants are personally committed to your interests on site. We find an optimal solution in many, even supposedly hopeless cases. Since we work independently and are not tied to a lender, this makes us very flexible when it comes to financing advice. Nevertheless, we can rely on our good contacts to around 200 renowned banks and savings banks to determine and negotiate the best possible conditions for our customers when granting a loan. And of course we would also be happy to accompany you beyond the purchase of your desired property – for example, if you have any questions about follow-up financing after the term of your loan.


Confidentiality is paramount

loan financing

It is not always a pleasant experience to disclose your own financial situation to a bank advisor. Here, the necessary sensitivity is sometimes lacking, and the consultations are often very brief, in general our ProfitAccess direct consultants take the time for you and your concerns. In most cases, there is also a direct connection, since you will have to deal with people who live and work in your region or city – just like yourself. It is this very personal connection that provides your financing advice with ProfitAccess Direkt makes it so different: we accompany you with personal commitment and always confidential.