Verdict: The use of the credit card after the death of the holder

A new judgment by the Higher Regional Court in Hamm causes displeasure. The case is summarized as follows. The defendant was responsible for the care of a resident in a house. A relationship of trust built up. Based on this, the credit card of the person to be cared for was passed on to the caregiver. The credit card was passed on for private use. It had a credit line of 5,000 dollars and could therefore be used. When the credit card holder died, further purchases were made after his death, with a total value of 4,500 dollars.

The case ended up before the district court and finally before the regional court. Both courts agreed that this was an embezzlement that could be fined. The defendant went to appeal and was finally brought before the Higher Regional Court. According to the judgment of the court, there was no evidence of infidelity.


What happens if the credit card is used after the holder’s death?

credit death

This judgment is based on the fact that the defendant had the credit card not only for administration but for free availability. That means that she was not required to look after the money but was allowed to use it. There was no unfaithfulness regarding the deceased’s heirs either.  

Thus, the heirs must pay the cost of the credit card bill. After the fall, it goes without saying that the credit card was canceled. Nevertheless, the case shows how important it is to always keep an eye on the use of the credit card. Passing on a second credit card can lead to inconsistencies. This is always a sub-credit card, the costs of which are debited from the main account. The credit card holder therefore pays the costs.If you are not aware of this, you can quickly face high liabilities.


When it makes sense to pass on the credit card

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Basically, buying a second credit card or passing on your own credit card is a good way to provide another family member with liquidity. Passing on your own credit card is not as easy as it always seems in the films. Since the verification for a card is done via the signature, it is necessary to provide the bank with information about another user.


But the issuing of a second credit card is particularly popular

Especially if, for example, a couple has the same account. We are also happy to pass it on to children within a family. To receive a second credit card, an application must also be made. This application then also specifies what the credit card’s limit is. If the holder of the main card does not cancel or block the second card, it can be used at any time, as long as the credit limit allows. It should be noted that the money used is debited from the account of the holder of the main account.

So if you decide to pass on a second credit card, you should be aware of what this can mean. Only then should he really apply for a second card and pass it on to a trustworthy person.

Note: If you are appointed as heir or estate administrator by a person, then you should also look at the credit card that the deceased had. The cards are then blocked when the bank is informed of the death. In order to prevent misuse of the cards, it is important to do this as quickly as possible and to ensure that the cards cannot be used by anyone else. With the cancellation of the main card at the financial institution, the option to continue using the second card expires.